Bridgian Announces Partnership with SentinelOne



“Antivirus is dead” so why are you still using it? Maybe you keep using it because it is what you are used to, and you are hoping for the best. We have a better idea: why not look into the next generation of endpoint protection? That is where SentinelOne is uniquely positioned. Instead of relying on a single antivirus database, why not leverage 57? That is exactly what SentinelOne does and I was blown away at CPX 2015 by their approach to protecting the endpoint.

SentinelOne intelligently taps into VirusTotal for file analysis, and it performs this analysis shockingly fast. But that is not the last stop. New malware will also have to get past SentinelOne’s EDR agent which uses a unique Execution Engine to watch the behavior of files and processes. Anything suspicious is immediately shutdown, documented, and brought to your attention. That’s right, SentinelOne will show you exactly what happened (forensics), and why it shutdown that previously unknown piece of malware that slipped past your antivirus scan, and outsmarted your latest “sandbox” technology.

Yes antivirus is dead. SentinelOne killed it.